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Saint Joseph Academy provides students with a Christo-Centric (Christ Centered) eductaion.   The children are encouraged in their spiritual, intellectial, social, emotional, and physical development.   They are nurtured in a multicultural environment and each child is guided on their journe to becoming a disciple of Chirst.


We believe that:

  • Children are gifts from God entrusted in our care,

  • Our children are the future.

  • Each child needs a supportive, safe, and caring, yet disciplind environment for learning.

  • We support the parents in their role as primary educators.

  • Christian ideals, virtues and values are to be cultivated and practiced.

  • Children learn at different rates and different learning styles are used as applicable.

  • Children need opportunities for their growth of self-confidence, respect, love of God and neighbor.

  • Children need to be responsible citizens to deal with issues in today's world.

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