Board of Directors


Founding Board of St. Joseph Academy


     Anthony Kambich

     Carolyn Kambich

     Charlene Bravo

     Terri Crotty    

     Marge Franchini

     Rich Hlavacik

     Armandina Martinez

     Joel Martinez

     Andy Mihelich

     Caryn Pasdertz

     Wilbur Powers

     Jonita Ruth



Current Board of  St. Joseph Academy





        President: Charlene Bravo

        Vice-Pres.: April Nunez, Dan Moreno

        Secretary: Sue Casarez

        Treasurer: Rich Hlavacik

             Jean Garrison

             Tamara Martinez

             Dan Moreno

             April Nunez

             Denise Winfrey



             Anthony Kambich

             Carolyn Kambich

             Annette Koncar

             Raymond Koncar


St. Joseph Academy is an Independent School.  "Independent" refers to SJA being a 501c3 not-for-profit institution overseen by a Board of Directors.  The operation of the school is delegated to the Head of School and his or her adminstrative team.  The ultimate resonsibility for the sustainability and viability of St. Joseph Academy rest solely with the Board of Directors.
Our Board of Directors is stricly a governance board dealing with policy, fiscal management, and long term visioning and planning.



© 2014 St. Joseph Academy.  

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